my friend just saw avenged svenfold's new self-titled album. Is it good? Should i buy?
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it's not all that great. maybe 3 good songs. i dont think this is thread material. Everyone take it easy though, he joined in november.
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I saw them live, got Zacky pics, asked them to play a song from the new album,. Then the lead singer laughed, called me his buddy and said " Next time, I promise. When we come back."

So yeah... go buy the album. Even if this thread is in the wrong place x]
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i bet they have soem songs from it on myspace go check it out and decide yourself.
Not long before this thread becomes locked. "A7X" as they are dubbed is considered "hardcore or metalcore" or whatever. I can't keep track of the lingo anymore.
i suggest getting this album, i got it and i really like it. They write sick guitar parts to there songs and have a couple of killer solo's in this album (scream and Afterlife) very shredding solo's. the vocal melodies are outstanding and the **** shadows comes up with is amazing. If you liked City of Evil you would probably like this album it is different but its more focused and not just tons of guitar parts crammed into one song. I was very satisfied with the album.
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