Need some quick help guys.. I just replaced the strings on my electric with 10-46 ones, I had 9-42 before....and I just noticed that the part of the bridge which was raised just a little is now raised up almost an inch...what should I do now? It doesn't look right.
Sorry to hear about your trouble. You failed to state whether or not your guitar is equipped with a tremolo. If it is, tighten the springs on the back side of your guitar. The 10's have a higher tension than the 9's and will cause the bridge to get all jacked up. If this is not the case, post a pick of the problem, because I have never heard of a bridge that can be adjusted more than an inch, and would need to see it to help.
I had this sorta problem goin down a gauge of strings.

You need your guitar set up, there is ways to do it yourself but i recommend just taking it to your nearest guitar shop and they'll set everything up on your guitar and you'll get new strings on it too match
It's an Ibanez SA260...so yes, it does have a tremolo. I didn't think this would be so complicated...i'll probably just stick with 9-42s then