Does everybody cringe when they watch themselves? I played my acoustic and sang the other day... everybody clapped like crazy afterwards, three times actually, and several people gave compliments afterwards, even had a guy record it and burn it to a DVD and bring it to my house within 2 hours afterwards. Then, I finally watched it last night after he came back over with some other people and wanted them to see it. I was like, good lord I suck. Every crack in my voice, every nervous twitch, every slight pause... EVERYTHING stood out like a sore thumb. What sucks is that I have practiced that song over the course of 3 months. I felt like the compliments were just out of being nice because I was rather embarassed. So, I either need to hang it up, or hear some of you other guys say that you do the exact same thing.
Im practicly the same, but when you know how it shoud sound, and are looking for the problems, you'll notice them but others really won't.
yea. i guess it's a musician thing. average people don't notice anything, while we are perfectionists. at least i am. kinda
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keep in mind recording from a camera makes everything sound worse.

we recorded my school talent show on my friends ****ty camera and my teachers expensive as pro recording camera (something like that)

my teachers camera made it seem like it was live
my friends made everything screechy

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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keep in mind recording from a camera makes everything sound worse.

Can they speed up at playback time too? I remember thinking that there's no way that I played that song that fast. This was a somber song, but my strumming was in overdrive. I knew I was nervous, but it was obnoxioiusly fast when I watched it on tape.
yeah i had the same problem practice in front of a mirror record with a crap camera and improve yourself it will make you way better thats how i did it and it works

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That just how you are when you critique something you did. It's true of anything. An actor might think he should have said a line slower. An author might think that a different word would be better. Likewise, every musician is going to be extremely harsh when he listens to himself play. If other people like it, especially other musicians, then it's probably fine. However, when you record, little mistakes that wouldn't be noticed during a live performance will become very loud to everyone, not just you.
Yes. I hate to listen to myself or watch myself play, its just painful. People tell me im good, but, i dunno, i guess im just really self critical. It helps though, it makes me want to play the hell out of my guitar to get better.

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we're our own worst critics. if it bothers you that much (and it obviously does) keep practicing it so you do better next time. sit down and record it again when you think you've gotten better. an audio recording is brutally honest and there is nothing wrong with thinking "omfg that sound AWFUL" it used to happen to me all the time, practice will definately fix it though.
When you watch yourself you're looking for the mistakes. You're thinking 'damn I hope I didn't mess up' so you concentrate on every time you did. Other people tend to concentrate on what you do well. You count the mistakes and they count the good bits.
I do it too.
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If other people like it, especially other musicians, then it's probably fine.

That's the problem... it's at church, so when people rave about my performance, especially other musicians who make it a point to do so, I can't tell if they're being honest or if they're trying to be a good person and sugar coat it just to be nice because they could tell I was trying so hard. It's strange to say, but I wish I could find somebody who was honest enough that they could give me performance tips and constructive criticism. There's no way that I'm good enough that the whole church is going out of their way to tell me that they loved it, especially when I hate watching myself on tape. I even had the mother of the lead singer of a very successful young and local bluegrass band go out of her way to compliment me. There's no way I can hang with them, those guys are amazing. Just kinda disappointing when you don't ever hear a single negative comment, because you know somebody is lying.
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the most productive thing you can do about this problem is to get used to watching yourself perform. Record yourself practicing for about 30 mins a week and watch back to see how you did. Eventually you'll get used to seeing yourself perform and when you watch back the original video it'll seem much better.

People weren't complimenting you just to be nice. They were doing it to encourage you.
In my experience, it goes something like this.

When you're playing a live gig, you notice maybe 1 out of every 3 or 4 mistakes you make
The audience might notice 1 in 10, but it's usually not the same ones as you.
Other musicians might pick up on 1 in 5 or so

On an audio playback, you catch almost all of them... this doesn't change the fact that the live performance went much better than you think it did.

On the same audio playback, other guitarists who think they're hot **** will find mistakes on the microscopic level and feel smug about all of them.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the tape will let you know what to work on if you want to be happy with your own performance, but unless you're singing totally out of key or had one string a semitone out of tune for the whole set, almost nobody noticed at the gig and they probably meant all of the nice things they said to you.
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I'm always significantly better on tape than I expect to be, although in all fairness I've never used decent stage monitors, which can be very deceptive.
yeah, i dont like watching myself play...well when i saw it a looong tima ago, i sucked. i dunno why. i think its like a psychological thing.
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yea ur just noticing mistakes that only u would notice. dont worry about it
exact same thing happened to me in my very first time i performed, which was at church too,
man i was EMBARRASSED, but people right after came to tell me how good i was! i got mad cause i felt they were lying right IN MY FACE, but after more performances i realize they dont see/hear what you see/hear .... its like the kid playing 3 power chords and all the pop-punks think hes a god.
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exact same thing happened to me in my very first time i performed, which was at church too, man i was EMBARRASSED, but people right after came to tell me how good i was! i got mad cause i felt they were lying right IN MY FACE

Yeah that's exactly what I went through. Right after the service I was packing up my equipment and there was this swarm of people rush up front like that. Kinda weird. I couldn't have described it better myself.
same thing happens to everyone else.. haha

i was singing in front of my camera with a guitar,
and as i was singing i was like "damn i'm sounding really good today"...

playback on the camera didn't do so well for me.
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