I don't. I'm certainly not going to reduce myself to this new generation of ****ing pussy emo queefs who spend all day on myspace and boast about how they have 1000 "friends".

I know this one guy who I used to go to school with. He was a complete loser/loner/asshole. The guy was weird as ****. I actually felt sorry for him and asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint with us at break, but he was like "na i don't wanna be a pot smoking loser" so i was like **** him.

But he had a myspace and had hundreds of girls leaving him and they were all like 3 years younger than him. He spent all daying going to their passages and asking them questions.

And they all have like 100 photos of themselves in stupid myspace angle poses. And if you have a beer bottle in your hand, you're extra cool, bonus point if you flip the camera the bird.

As weird al yankovic says:

My Myspace page is all totally pimped out
Got people beggin me for ma top 8 places.

I won't get any, not because I want to troll and therefore make a statement but because I'm too lazy.

*reported* My sister has bebo, and you just insulted her. GTFO.
You know this is how the Bush administration keeps track of your whereabouts and activities, right?
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i dont... i mean.. my band has a myspace.. but it has nothing to do with me, cause my mate's in charge there
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My band has a myspace page, but I have don't use it myself. I think it's a waste of time to be honest. I'd rather have real friends than virtual ones.