What are some easy songs from these artists?
Pink Floyd
The Who
Guns 'n' Roses
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
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Most of them. Try Day Tripper by The Beatles or Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd for starters.
can anyone give me easy songs from all of the bands on the list, please?
ok, there are some easy acoustic versions (that i know) you could do of:

Pink Floyd - comfortably numb, wish you were here
The Who - pinball wizard?, behind blue eyes? the seeker? (how easy are we talkin here?) if your committed, those should be somewhat easy.
Guns 'n' Roses - sweet child of mine, november rain?
The Beatles - hide your love away (along with many others)
The Rolling Stones - Angie

the ones blank, i don't play any songs by. the ones listed have easy acoustic tabs out.

and keep in mind, any song can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. simplified versions may not sound as good, but will still be recognizable. (and get you used to the song before you throw in the trickier stuff)

video lessons of some i listed can be found at rayred.com, great site for beginners.
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say it ain't so by weezer is pretty easy, it's moderatly...ok so it should improve your skills a 'bit, plus it's one of their more popular tunes so it's good for playing infront of other people
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