i cant stand that guy, working with that chick on the ice skating show, she's damn fine

i wouldnt want to see anyone ****tinginto a crisp packet, let alone him
Here's the gist of it for those who can't see it:
"No word of a lie, I wish I was lying, on the National Express from Leeds to Sheffield last week, at around 4 o clock, there I was absent mindedly admiring the scenery. Traffic came to a standstill and what did I see? None other than Philip Schofield - off of talking telephone numbers - straining and wheezing, trousers round his ankles with a full packet of Wotsits tenuously balanced between his shoes. He curled off a cuban cigar out of his one eyed winking chocolate starfish, got back into his Renault Clio and rejoined traffic.

Come on Phil. Your behaviour's unacceptable."
Phil seems to have started a worrying trend. Minor celebrities everywhere have been sighted curling one out into an empty crisp packet beside major roads across the country.

Obviously, Fern wanted to demonstrate her solidarity to Schofield, however, this has begun a worrying trend.

Name and shame any famous person you have seen ****ting into crisp packets recently...

on Apr 22, 2007 at 3:03 PM
I spotted Jeremy Kiel at about 4.40 yesterday just around the corner Granada Studios ****ting into an empty packet of quavers. He saw me and just got up and walked away as if nothing happened.

on Apr 27, 2007 at 10:14 AM
I saw rubber-lipped, ****-eating grin-sporting BBC Look North News reader Claire Frisbee staggering to York station at 4 in the morning, her face buried in a donner special kebab with extra garlic. She appeared to have been out on a hen night (or so the pink bunny ears, specially printed "team" teeshirt and comedy y-fronts pulled over her jeans suggested) and was catching the early train home to Leeds. Once she had borded the train, she proceeded to pleasure herself several times in a row with the empty polystyrene kebab tray.
Needless to say, she looked rather the worse for wear when she appeared on the news at 8 a.m. that morning, reporting on prize winning pigs and old men walking from Scarborough to Grimsby.

on Apr 30, 2007 at 8:39 AM
I saw Mark Burdis from the 'Kev and Bev' AA car loan adverts on Upper Street in Islington.

I told him I had shagged Bev and he called me a "funny ****"

If you ask me, A-list celebs just let fame go to their head. I used to like him when he was Stupot in Grange Hill. He could have been our answer to Anthony Michael Hall.

I saw Jamie Oliver ****ting in to a box of Turkey Twizzlers and then proceeded to feed his excrement to unsuspecting school children. That dinner lady friend of his was looking on with an evil look of glee.

The dirty bastards! I can see where Phil gets it from though. His mate and partner in crime Sarah Green like myself went to Hull University where the rumour has always been that she shagged someone on the snooker table in Thwaite Hall. No one would have minded had someone not been on for a 147 at the time.

Bill Oddie actually asked me to hold his Big Eat packet of Monster Munch while he released his otters into it. Bastard.

I saw Barry Scott squatting down outside a Tesco Extra in S****horpe, syphoning his foetid, watery stools into an empty Cillit Bang Grime & Lime bottle via a 10 inch hose and small plastic funnel.

He was rambling incoherently most of the time, but at one point clearly stated in a very shouty voice (and I quote): "HI! I',M BARRY SCOTT AND I'VE BEEN ON A DIET OF NOTHING BUT DUCLOLAX AND GARLIC BLUBS FOR 5 DAYS". He then proceeded to pour the steaming, swilling stench-fest onto a pile of pennies. The man knows no shame.

Bob Carolgees is known for it around Leicester apparently (salt and shake). Schofield just jumped on the bandwagon.

the neville brothers have been meeting up in wigan and ****ting in asdas own prawn cocktail and then throwing them at small children. they ave taken it to another step and must be stopped . gary already started the phone up the arse with the other footballers we dont want to see dyer or ashley cole ****ting in some tesco bacon fries do we now????

Here are a few more, feel free to add any stories of celebrities sh*tting into crisp packets that you might have