so, now that i've decide im getting a Peavey Bandit 80watt Transtube as my amp, i still need to upgrade my guitar and pedalboard/effects, but i can only upgrade one of these things right now.

what do you think is more important? getting a new guitar or a pedalboard?

my guitar is a BC Richy Warlock Platinum series. my pedalboard is a crappy old Zoom.

as far as pedalboards go, i was thinking of either one of these:

Line 6 POD XT live
Vox Tonelab LE
Boss GT-8
Digitech GNRX3000

i'm leaning more towards the latter two.
new amp...

I kid, I kid.

Get a new pedalz
Distortion, Delay, Wah and Chorus.

Don't go for multi.
indeed i've been considering getting individual pedals. but i'd like an explanation on the advantages and disadvantages...is there a thread or webiste about it?
Id love to make a suggestion but i cant since not much will sound great through a transtube amp. I just cant see the point in semi tube amps other than to fill a gap in the market between solid and tube. If you buy a non full tube amp you will only end up wanting one 6 months down the line.

Im partial to a pod myself though. My advice is two fold: 1) spend more on an amp, 2)play all the pedals first as the effects will all sound different. Some people like boss effects, me for one and some hate digitech effects, again me for one.

As for individual pedals, you will get exactly the sound you want doing this but its more expensive as each individual pedal will cost about a third as much as multi effects but you will have higher quality effects as you can mix and match to your hearts desire.
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Seriously, you'll get a lot more for what you pay with individual pedals, better sound easier to fiddle about with.

With multis you get a **** load of mediocre pedals.
The Digitech sounds like a broken toy.
The Gt-8 is a fantastic piece of equipment if you're willing to put time into customising it and learning how to use it. I wasn't so I'm selling mine now. There is a link in my sig if you're interested in buying mine.

^That's a very ignorant post. If you take the time to learn how to use them, you can really find a true tone beast inside some multi-effects.
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seems to be the best solution in my price range. the Vox AD50 VT is more expensive and not as good at distortion/overdrive.
you can get a much better amp, for just a little bit more or even the same price.

how much are you willing to spend?
330 euros. that's already pushing it a little a bit, i'll have to borrow a bit.

there's of course the chance of going all out and spending around 600 on an amp, but then it'd take me like almost another year to get a pedalboard...then again quite some time to get a new guitar...you get the picture.

keep in mind i don't exactly need a monster; my band doesn't even do any gigs yet, just rehearsels. we're still looking for vocals and bass. of course, it'd be good if the amp i get now will last for the future, but i ain't gonna do any big gigs for years, that's for sure...