I noticed that they have a few Guitar Pro tabs for In Flames' "The Mirror's Truth," but unfortunately every time I try to get it open, it asks me to upgrade. I don't really have the money to do so right now, so I was wondering if someone would be able to get a regular, non-Guitar Pro tab up, or if someone could use an earlier version of the tab on Guitar Pro that would not require upgrading. Thanks.
hey Dude...I've uploaded the BEST The Mirror's Truth tab...I hope it will upload it oO

If it doesn't...give me your E-Mail adress I will send it to you in GP4 format...
This have to work! I've just finished it ^^ I want YOU to listen to it first

Somebody have to rate it for me :P Give me your E-Mail Adress and I will give it to you ^^

Robin (theboarder)