I just bought a strat from GC. Yesterday actually.

The action on it is BAAD. At least two of the strings need to be adjusted.

If I bring it in, do you think they'll cover it?

If for some reason they don't fix it, just return it and tell them you'll take your business elsewhere. I don't really forsee you having a problem, though.
Yeah they'll fix it for you. If the guys at your store decide not to for some reason, then just return it. They have a 30 day return policy.
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Come on. Action and intonation are hardly difficult to sort out yourself. 30 mins max. Truss rod is a different matter if you are inexperienced, but those two can be corrected and ballenced with ease.
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Isn't this a very good reason for not buying guitars over the Internet, if you do not have the relevant experience to sort out any set up problems then just don't do it.
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well, the point would be for them to show me how to do so.

i didnt buy it online either. i just didn't notice the action in-store. or i kinda did, but i was in a rush and decided to not worry about it for the time being. it wouldnt have stopped me from buying the strat anyways.
Action should be very easy just use an allen wrench on the saddles to lower them to the correct height may want to use a ruler to make sure all your sting heights are even. here is a tutorial
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