hey guys,
so my friend is asking me to accompany her for her practice final recitials for her music grade in school,
il be playing guitar and Bódhwran, im a very expierenced electric guitar player, and ive been meaning to get into something like this for a while now, but ive never played any traditional music.

Il just figure out a nice chord progression i guess, but should i use normal tuning or dadgad or whats the story there?

Shes playing the tune on tin-whistle by the way,
Theres 4 peices, so il be switching between bódhwran and guitar for each piece,
Its guitar im more worried about.
Any advice?

Are there any chords i should stick to?

Any advice at all is great, and dont hold back on the theory im fairly well up on it.
Its just im not AT ALL expierenced in trad!

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First and foremost: It's bodhrán. Secondly, both tunings are absolutely fine, but dadgad may be preferable.

I don't play too much traditional Irish music, which is a shame, seeing as I am Irish, but I've told you all I really know.
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