Sorry that my first post has to be posting a thread, but I really need an advice from anyone that knows about Ibanez guitars. I've played around 3 years on a some-what ok Marshal's "Rocket Special", and now I'm looking to buy an Ibanez one, because I've played a few times on several ones, and I really liked the sound and mostly everything about it. I listen to all sorts of metal, from basic ones to progressive and technical stuff, my band is in for playing heavier sorts of metal, so, I'm looking an Ibanez up to like 700-800 euros, if any good around that price . If you have any suggestions, please say so , thanks
S470 or an RG

it depends on what type of sound and enck you like, it it needs to be a really thin neck then the RG or if it has to be dark sounding get the S series
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i dont really kno how much it is in euros but the Xiphos is $650 n if its to pointy try the RG1570...unless u want a 7string then get a S7320
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Ibanez RG321. Solid guitar, solid hardware, no trem to mess with. Unless you're comfortable with one, then the RG550 is good - most people dig them. I prefer the S series though - the S470 is a good choice. Either has low action, smooth wizard II necks, and solid hardware. In the long run, if you play a lot of whammy, you might wanna throw a floyd in it at some point. Otherwise, they're nice. The pickups on most Ibanez are nothing special, but they're not awful either. Definately good enough to gig with until you find a good one to replace it - I went with a DiMarzio Evolution.

Anyway - S470 or RG 350-550. Those are my suggestions. The only issue people have with the RG is that some are Basswood bodies - a lot of people prefer other woods. Try them and see what you dig.
^^I second the Ibanez RG and S series... really good guitars overall for the prices.
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In the long run, if you play a lot of whammy, you might wanna throw a floyd in it at some point.

What? The ZR is way better than a Floyd
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S is where its at. A prestige RG or hardtail RG if you can afford it.
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S470 for quality at a lower price, RG2550z/RG1570(costs around 600 euros-700),the RG321 if you want hardtails,the new SZR series looks classy...If you want a hardtail S series.Don't go for any Ibanez with an Edge III tremolo, they wear out fast...Friend's one died after 2 years...=(
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What do you want? Tremelo or not
If you wan't tremelo take an S serie or something, ore the X thing,
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Whitout tremelo take an Sz or like mine an expencive rgr
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What? The ZR is way better than a Floyd

not at all, it's just different - I prefer the feel of a Floyd type, the ZR has more of a Kahler vibe to me.
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