Yeah, I want to make "Sunshine of Your Love" the first FULL song I can play. I got the melody, the chords, but I'm confused on the solo, because in one of the Guitar Pro tabs, they show one way of playing them, but when I showed them to my teacher, he said that it was wrong. Can anyone get me the tabs to the solo, and, at least, the RIGHT one?
Yeah, those tabs are the ones I showed him, I probably didn't use vibrato, pretty hard when you're bending the string, I think. Oh well, thanks.
Quote by pepsi1187
learn it by ear if you cant find tabs

I don't think someone that's tying to learn his first song is gonna learn
to play it by ear...
Hey, I can learn a song by ear! I learned the beginning to "The Number Of The Beast" by ear, and some other songs!
Alot of guitar teachers are ignorant and stubborn, only thinking their methods are right... I went to 7 guitar lessons with someone who said he had been playing for 23 years, And taught me nothing I didint know from learning on my own, And Met some of my mothers friends who played guitar for 35 years and taught me more than i could have learned in like 50 lessons.