does anybody know of any high quality software/freeware and accessories for playing/recording your guitar on the pc please?
tone port would be up your alley.
Its not expensive and its a high quality soundcard
For software, there are quite a lot of things out there. Audacity and Kristal AE are two good programs, and I'd definitely recommend Audacity. You could also get a Line 6 Toneport UX1, which gives you an interface, recording software and also amp/effect modelling software. It's pretty cheap, too, and is of good quality.
if anyone can answer, i was wonderin does the line 6 toneport come with the whole set
like the software, usb cable, etc?

and can u run ur guitar through an amp and then from the amp through the toneport? cuz iv read about it having its own amp settings on it so idk
im pretty much a noob when it comes to recording
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