So I own the Boss RC-2 and really like it. But I am wondering, can the DL-4 do the same kind of stuff with it's loop function? I am also looking to buy a delay pedal, so I was thinking about selling the RC-2 and getting the DL-4. good idea?
I played with the Dl-4 at one point and its not designed to be a dedicated looping pedal, but the delays you could program in were pretty damn good, took a while to get what you want but when you did it was there for good.
well....do you think that i should keep the rc-2 and buy a dd-6 instead? or should i just use the dl-4 as my looper too? (and save $100)
You have money for the DL-4?
You need the DL-4?
You want the DL-4

If yes, just buy it!
With those 2 pedals you'll certainly have lots and lots of fun for years!
Well I would have to sell the RC-2 to get the DL-4...thats my question, should I do that?