So I'm playing Eugene's trick bag for an audition, problem is that the last three notes are off my fretboard e.g. the last note, according to the tab is 29th fret of the e string. My poor guitar only has 22 frets and I don't particularly fancy bending it up that far haha.
I can do it using harmonics but the sound doesn't come out as loud through the amp, if at all really - what settings could I change to improve this? I normally love a bassy sound so this could prove hard?!
Or does anyone have any other ideas of how to reach the notes?
Or shall I just leave them out?!!! heh
29th fret? O_o
Turn your gain and/or treble and/or presence up.

Or you could just knock it down to the next octave down if trying to use harmonics affects your tone too much.
It's not a typo, but the so called 29th fret is fretted at a pickup, not all guitars can make the sound.