Tool is my favorite band. I've been playing for like 3 months and I can play all of schism and Alot of random parts to other songs. Any easy tabs i should check out?
Eulogy isn't all that hard, check that one out.
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I didnt find the Pot all that hard, the intro is ISANELY easy
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Maynard's Dick. I think it's their only song that's not in Drop-D
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i can play maynards dick. the part i cant play in eulogy is the triplet on the palm mute part in the intro verses. how can i get faster?
just take the peice you are trying to learn, slow it down to a speed you are comfortable with and then just progressively practice it faster as you get used to the speed and rhythym of the part. the only way to pick up speee in my opinion is to just TRY to play fast, eventually it will come....
A lot of Tool is pretty easy.


Besides the tricky rhythm for the beginning of Vicarious, the rest is pretty easy. Prison Sex is also simple, and sounds really cool.
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Schism is easy peasy, as are alot of tool songs, it's all about timing. Just find the ones you like listening to the most.

Prison Sex (a bit weird, difficult to get it perfect but you should get the main jist of it)
Alot of the songs off Opiate are easy enough too

Just some ideas, just pick up your favourites, honestly they aren't hard to play, just require a bit of good timing, which by playing the songs should help you improve that.