Here's a spur of the moment video myself and my bro made last night featuring my new jem.

Joe Satriani - Friends

This video also features my bro making every Joe Satriani face possible as i play Joe Satriani - Friends! Enjoy the Irish humour!

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1.i want your guitar
2.your borthers annoying
3.guitar louder!!!
4. awsome

I breathe air.
Dude, that is some really, great piece of music! You actually "feel" what you're doing, and that makes you sound awsome.
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look all i wanted was for someone to give me advice on what to do not to slag me off ok

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that was awesome, great guitar and tone too, but could've been abit louder.
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This is my favourite Satch song and you kicked ass!! Louder guitar though :P, otherwise very nice.

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