Hey. I have been playing barre chords for a while now.. and I am always trying to improve..for example.. I think when guitarists begin barre chords.. We only try and get the strings ringing of the chord we play (for example, An A or G barre chord) Or any E shaped barre chord..but then if you remove your other fingers and just keep the barre on chances are one or two strings will be muted, which is what I am now finding. I can however barre every fret up to 11 (i wouldnt ever go higher than this anyway, esepcially as I play acoustic) But I noticed a lot of people when they are switching between say for example a A Barre chord, to a Dm Barre chord.. leave their barre finger where it is, and just move there other fingers one string down..I however find this unfortable and like to take my finger off the 6th string and do a barre across 5 strings.. otherwise I just end up muting the A string.. it always happens..I really dont know why.. I know exactly which part of my finger can barre all the chords..and I always use the same part..but the barre works perfect when the roots on the 6th string (Like a G barre chord) but If I leave the barre exactly as it is and try a Cm Barre chord..theres problems.....

So my solution was to just barre 5 strings..and I can switch quickly enough between a 6 string barre chord like A to a "5" string barre chord like Dm quickly enough without pauses. Now I am just wondering if this is a bad habbit. and also if there is anybody else who does it my way ? Or do most of you guys always leave the barre where it is? I know it makes more sense..but meh.. thanks for any help.
I didn't really read that carefully but you're saying that you have two chords, one a 6 string chord and the other a 5, sharing the same barred fret but the second chord doesn't require the 6th string at all? It's not bad at all to move to 5 strings as far as I'm concerned. I do it both ways depending on what comes next (some classical pieces need the 6th string fretted right after for a little picato line and then go back to the chord for example). Do whatever feels more comfortable, I would think 5 strings barred would be better in most cases.
ok thanks.. sorry I could of made that shorter.. basically my question is like when I move from A barre chord to Dm barre chord which as you know is directly underneathe it.. I life my barre finger up and take it off the 6th string completely.. and just place it on the A string..for a nice easy barre.. cause I can do that no problem lol.. I thought perhaps that it was better to leave the barre always across all the strings and just move your other fingers..but I don't know..I guess not. Thanks for reply