i have been playing for a few years and would consider myself alright. i started out on a squire strat and feel its time for an upgrade, would like to stay in the 1000 range or lower, i have done some research and here are the guitars i have read good reviews about.

ESP EC 1000
ESP eclipse II
Epi elitist standard
or a higher brand rg ibanez

i cant say i like the ibanez so much because i like a thicker meatier tone
i like to play metallica iron maiden stuff to newer metal thrash stuff but would still like some versatility for rock

any help
guitar shopping gotta love it yet soooo many chioces
the eclipse is versatile.

The higher end RGs with HSH pickups are extremely versatile
Its up to you
Not to be a fan boy, but also look into a schecter I've never played any of the ESP's you mentioned, but the ESP F series is really great for hard rock/metal, also look at one of those, and for the Epi, I'd try to aviod it, just because I've heard that the quality of an Epi is not really that great, as for the Higher end Ibanez models, Stay away from any of the RGT models, because they use the Edge III tremalo bridge, made from softer metals, it wears out after a short time and wont stay in tune The schecter I bought is the S-1 Elite, and its great for any type of music I play. and was just under $900 hope that help man
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Eclipse across the board
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I'd go with the Eclipse for versatility and quality, but if you play a lot of lead stuff I suppose the RG's are the way to go.
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and for the Epi, I'd try to aviod it, just because I've heard that the quality of an Epi is not really that great,

Epiphone Elitist > many Gibsons

i dont know, play them and see what you like. dont count anything out because of what anyone says though (except for reliability and such), you may like the guitar even though they dont.
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If you want the heaviest tone possible, get the Elitist and upgrade it's pickups to something higher output.

If you fancy a lighter tone (and so probably more versatility), get the EC

If you want sheer build quality, get the Elitist.

If you want the most for your money, or don't fancy doing anything like pickup upgrades, get the EC.
awesome news.. this guy an hour away from me is selling a barely used none scrathed or cosmetically injured eclipse standard II for 1000 i think im gunna go buy it he had arragned to meet me at an exit close by his house to let me play it ha if all goes well ill be coming home on friday with a new guitar
Schecter def comes with awsome value, the Ibby's will def need new pickups unless your going for a xiphos
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EClipse II!
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i own the EC 1k and its amazing. very good with harmonics. a little fret buzz but nothing you can't fix. yeah it and looks stunning too. id buy another one if i could lol.
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the Ibby's will def need new pickups unless your going for a xiphos

Absolute bollocks.

I don't no why people think that stock pickups are bad, but they're quite nice, especially the Dimarzio/IBZ pickups.

A pickup swap is only useful when you have a good amp and to swap pickups out straight away is pointless.

Have you ever tried Ibanez stock pickups over a nice tube amp?

To keep it on topic, the EC is apparently a really nice guitar, so if you can get a good deal on one, go for it.
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What about a Jackson SL3? ESP Eclipse II is about $1600, so thats not under $1000. also, do not confuse the ESP Eclipse with LTD Eclipse-1000. IMO, LTDs are pretty bland guitars with just average build quality.
definately the eclipse II...you won't be disappointed

edit: the EC-1000 is also a great guitar
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so i went and picked up the eclipse II friday, i got it for 1000 with zakk wylde pickups, its used but in mint condition, thios thing is sick, i cant wait to get a nice amp to play it through right now i have a vox ad15 and it sounds ok but it sounded better through the guys line 6 when i went to get it, i can't imagine what it could do throiugh a mesa. may have to take it to the local guitar store to check out some amps.