Vid here...

My old band playing in Memphis during Mephis in May, doing a Metallica medley. We get cut short because a blown breaker shut down half the stage.

The full medley consisted of the intro to Nothing Else Matters into Sanitarium up to the the end of the second chorus, then into For Whom The Bell Tolls through the first verse and chorus, then back into the Sanitarium solo, finished with the end of One.
The bell effect was done on my Vox Tonelab SE pedal using a modified ring modulator and other settings.
which guitarist are you?? both were very good. i liked the tone a lot of the guy with long hair
it also has a nice clean sound. mind telling me what the settings were (if you can remember)
I'm the bald guy, lol. I'm trying to remember all the pedals Scott had, but can't atm. He was always awesome at creating sounds with his rig. I'll get the info from him and post back later. My rig was just the Vox Tonelab SE ran straight into the P.A.