the new danelectro stuff looks pretty decent. check it out here , here , and here .

i can't believe they're making true bypass pedals, crazy!
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Not a huge fan of their pedals, but their guitars are pretty cool, awesome tone.
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wow, this is an AWESOME update from Dano. I'm psyched for this new gear, might be an incentive for me to get a job...
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Wow, those pedals are pretty cool, especially for danelectro.

I really like their guitars, I might have to pick one up for my single coil tones.
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i can't wait for the cool-cat effects. their original fx are pretty good, i have the delay/echo, it sounds good but its not really usable for anything other than a slapback echo because there's no tap tempo function, which i kinda need.. still, it cost me £2 but on paper the cool cats are better than these.

their guitars are also pretty damn good for the price lately. i got a DC-12 about a year ago for £240 and it sounds excellent, i think its the best value 12-string out there, it plays great and the sound really does compare to a rickenbacker, though its different... how can a plywood guitar sound so good?
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The FAB Chorus is absolutely genius for the price, and the PB&J Delay sounds as close to an analog delay as I could ever want. Plus, I really want a Danelectro guitar of some sort soon....

I've been looking for a clean boost pedal, and this "transparent overdrive" pedal they have has caught my interest. Need to try these sometime.
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Anyone else love the slide tone one the Drive pedal?

It is pretty nice.

I have to find one of those basses to try out.
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