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As much as I wanted to hate that movie, I thought it was funny, and I felt bad for Napolean.

I still think it ruined my country, though.
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tbh i thought it kinda sucked, just like superbad, and borat

all waaaay overated IMO
1 hour and 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back.
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first time sucked. then i watched it with friends to make fun of how bad it was.
Yes. It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen...but that's my kind of comedy.
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I love that film. I have the two disc special edition DVD and I should have a Vote for Pedro tee but one of my bastarding friends took it and now their friend has it and is too disorganised to give it back.

Then again, when i saw it I hadn't heard anyone talk about it at all so I didn't have the negative effect of it being "overrated" or whatever. And also I wasn't aware of how low the age rating thing is so i didn't think of it as childish.
Seeing Heder in crappy films like Blades of Steel and whatever has slightly ruined it though because it makes me think that he was acting in that terrible slapstick dumb-comedy style like in those type of films which I hate, but I didn't get that feeling watching Nappy D for the first time.
It's so stupid, it's funny. Many people fail to realize that the film is doing that on purpose.
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All my friends hyped it up so much, especially that 'Your mom goes to college' bit
So I was expecting it to be really funny, but none of it made me laugh
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I loved it. After the mass amount of bitching on UG, I thought it was going to suck but I found it funny.

Some of its fans are annoying though.
it wasnt bad... most parts were great, yet some were VERY boring
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SUCKED ASS!!! Worst movie ever... and I just got done watching Ghost Rider, so I know a bad movie when I see one.
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You've gotta be in the right fram of mind to enjoy that movie. First time I was expecting something amazing and was kind of disappointed, but the second time I found it really funny.
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yea i thought it was pretty funny, but knowing the pit, there will be more no's than yes's

not yet.
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Great movie. I understand why a lot of people don't like it though. It's hard to get in to.
It... was funny. But then when all the shirts and ghey stuff came out, it immediately stopped. Also when people try to immitate it, no matter if there good at not (more often not), just, please no.

I liked it first came out, but then it got ghey. I would hate to watch it today
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I guess it was funny, in a rediculous, stupid sort of way.
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Honestly though, I went to see Napoleon Dynamite thinking it would be absolutely hilarious after all of the reviews my friends and others had given it, and I was very, very disappointed with that piece of shit. It wasn't funny in the slightest to me, not even a little bit.
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not yet.
I hate your sig

The movie is meh
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some parts are dumb and some are good
the part where he's doing a butterfly with the girls=dumb
the part where his uncle chucks a steak at him=funny
when he goes to work at that farm=dumb
ur mom goes to college=funny
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I found it funny because I know kids in my school just like that. I think it's one of those movies that you have to have a certain sense of humor to understand it. It was annoyingly popular for a while though.
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gets funnier every time
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