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Rock (and all its sub-genres)
42 56%
2 3%
6 8%
6 8%
1 1%
2 3%
1 1%
4 5%
10 13%
1 1%
Voters: 75.
Just as the title says. Some people out there might have a parent/guardian who has good taste music wise.

As for me my parents listen to country , and it makes me really mad when having to go anywhere and practically losing part of my soul to that dreadful genre.
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My parents also listen to country, and it's not exactly my thing. At all.

However, my dad also digs lots of classic rock, which is awesome.
My dad likes a ton of classic rock bands, which I think are okay for the most part. I also got him into a few metal bands but he doesn't like things too heavy (Slayer). My mum listens to Meatloaf and Bon Jovi and that's it. I don't think it's too bad.
My dad listens to a lot of classic rock, but he also listens to The Smiths, Talking Heads, Madness, The Clash, and Ramones. So I'd say pretty diverse.
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my mom mostly listens to country. stuff like Kenny Chesney, Gary Allan, and George Strait.

my dad listens to a lot of 80's bands like 38 Special, Journey, Kixx, Def Leppard, etc.
I forgot to say they do happen to sometimes dig the older rock/classic rock and what follows is, "I remember the days when music and everything use to be not near as bad as it is today."

examples of what they sorta like is like REO speedwagon or something along those lines
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i dont live with my parents anymore but they listened the mormon tabernacle choir. beat that for bad taste
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My dad: Classic Rock, and some older metal.
bands - SRV, Deep Purple, Metalica, Pantera, etc.

my mom: Everything.

My mom likes everything from Against Me! to Prince, to Run DMC.
Classic rock; British Invasion stuff...they're huge Kinks fans; Southern Rock; Alice Cooper; 80s Pop Rock like Huey Lewis and such; some prog, like Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake and Palmer; my dad likes the Clash. Also, my mum listens to contemporary pop like Rob Thomas, and whatever is on the Top 40 station.
my dad listened to stuff like Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. My mother had a couple Green Day RATM and Sublime stuff
My dad likes alot of bands like UFO, Budgie, Vinnie Moore. He also listens to alot of reagea
My dad's into the 50's and 60's Classic Rock and my mom's into Classical and Christian Praise/Worship.

I can't stand my dad's taste, I don't mind 50's and 60's classic rock, don't get me wrong, but what he listens to from that time era gets me. It's like, listening to modern rock today, the difference between MCR and Staind, one sucks, one's pretty good. Ya get me?
dad - uncle tupelo, x, the dictators, blues

mom - beatles and jazz standards
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My dad listens to everything.

But his faveourite stuff are bands like Supertramp, Pink Floyd and The Who.

He also likes old punk and ska or anything with good drums.

My mum used to be a right metalhead, but shes into pop now D:
my dad listens to alot of classic rock and even some older metal. he bought me "paranoid" and metallica's black album for my 13th birthday. my mom listens to whatever really. she is usually with my sister who listens to whatevers on the radio.
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my dad listens to a lot classic rock
my mom doesn't know **** about music, but i do know she used to listen to abba a bit back in the day
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Mum - U2, Snow Patrol, Tracy Chapman, Dixie Chicks, The Jam, The Beatles, The Police

Dad - Dire Straits, Bruce Springstein, Pink, Simon & Garfunkle, All Saints, Sugarbabes, Prince

Mums quite indie and alternative and dads, well midlife crisis! haha
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dad - uncle tupelo, x, the dictators, blues

mom - beatles and jazz standards

Your dad has an amazing taste in music.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
my mom listens to mostly rap.
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my dad listens to a lot of blues. i got him into shred though.
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My Mom listens to mainly Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana

My Dad listens to country.
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bob dylan, rolling stones, pink floyd, aerosmith, dire Straits, bruce springstein,
My folks listen to a lot of different things and I don't know what genre it is exactly. These are some people they listen to:

Eric Clapton
John Denver
Neil Young
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Ok you buggers have awsome parents, mine are all about radio music (pop.
-rock), dance music (samba, old disco etc) and just to look smarter they'll try and listen to soft jazz.