I have this as the words, but can't thinks of a melody. if you guys will give me general comments about the lyrics as well as what genre you think this would be best in, it would be much apreciated. Thanks

I just don't know
I used to understand
the people and
friends around me
But now...
I just don't know

Maybe it's that
your gone and
maybe it's that
i love you still
I just thought
you should know...
But you know what?
I just don't know...

Maybe I miss your face
maybe i miss your smile
maybe i miss your eyes
maybe it was the way
they danced behind
your lenses and
smiled at me.
I just don't know...

I don't know much...
i've grown apathetic
"grown"... i've been here
for years and years now
Apathy is what i am
all i have to me is sarcasm
and a sense of humor.
Maybe thats why i've
never had a real girlfriend
I just don't know...

I guess that no
one will read this.
Even if i sent it to people
no one would read it
they never do
I guess this is
the same as
talking to
I just don't know...

I do know one thing though...
It's gotten a lot colder since you left
Just thought i'ld let you know...
And when he gets to heaven
To Saint Peter he will tell
One more Soldier reporting, Sir
i've served my time in hell
I've been listening to acoustic stuff lately, like Elliot Smith and the like. So maybe you can steer towards that direction. Generally speaking, I find it more simpler if you make up a riff on an acoustic guitar and just sing over that melody, even with lyrics that don't seem to flow as smoothly as I'd like.