In the CAGED system for the major scale, it doesn't seem to follow the WWHWWWH formula for the major scale? Does that not apply to the CAGED system? And what other kinds of scales are there that arent in the CAGED systems, im not talking about like exotic scales or anything, but like other ways to play the scales i know the 3nps too.

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Your getting a little confused with modes and scales and scale shapes. In the caged system, there are 5 chords shapes which relate to 5 different scale shapes. The scale shapes do follow the math for the construction of a major scale, like you said, WWHWWWH. However, make sure that you are starting on the same note each time and it will work...

Hmm, im sure that the caged system is explained properly somewhere on these forums...its hard to get your head around, and by the sounds of it, your only at the tip of the iceberg

Other scale shapes, well, major, harmonic minor and melodic minor. Rockers tend not to use melodic minor so much...so its only really major and harmonic minor scales that we worry about. However, within these scales are different modes. Go to http://guitarshredshow.com/ and take the magical journey of the 7 modes. It is fairly good at explaining...

hope that helped a little...
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