My local Guitar Center has a used Squier Stagemaster Deluxe HSH for $170, is this guitar any good? I tested it the other day and it sounded pretty cool.

I am going to use the guitar for that Progressive Rock sound like Rush and for Hard rock like Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, and AC/DC. I dont want to spend a lot of money because I am mostly a Blues type of guy and use my strat for it.... I may also use it for some Metal, like Ozzy, BLS, maybe Pantera. (but not so much)

I am open to other suggestions, my budget could be anything under $600, but I really dont want to spend that much, but I am mostly concerned with the stagemaster.

I use a Boss DS-1 and GE-7 through a Fender Champ 600.

(BTW, the Deluxe is the model without the Pickguard, the neck through, and OFR Trem)
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dont get a squire
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Go for it. They're great guitars to customize. If you're willing to use the leftover money to upgrade it.
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Blakeley, I have a strat (A Mexi Standard w/ Noiseless Pups) that I use for blues, which is what I play most of the time... plus If I was willing to spend more money I would get a PRS SE Custom (even though I am a Fender guy), much better for hard rock and progressive, but I would much rather not spend $500.

I was thinking it would be good to upgrade, I was thinking about putting a YJM pickup in the Mid, and maybe the SD Hot Rodded Set for the Neck and Bridge (I dont know much about Pickups, would that be a good setup?)

I like that the guitar has a very low action vs. the higher action of my strat (though I like it that way for bending) and I like the neck through body and OFR trem.
I recommend it. I got a Stagemaster HH and it feels better than ANY guitar I've played, even my S series. Maybe upgrade pickups, I don't think it needs it. Its not anything close to a squire strat. Its awesome (especially for price).
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