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For me that would be... meet the spartans. That movie was horrific, what about you?
1408...i thought it was utter crap
its probably not the worst i've seen but its one of the most recent **** films
or maybe crossroads...not even steve vai could save that
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Cats & Dogs.

I nearly cried out of boredom and frustration at the end of it.
.Brand New.Bright Eyes.This Will Destroy You.

the South Park Movie.

it was only funny when they swore ridiculously... in song.
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some crappy tornado movie my dad rented, it's name was eehrm.. TYPHOON! DO NOT RENT THAT MOVIE IF YOU LIKE YOUR EYES!!

Probably Eragon, that movie was utter crap, and I had higher hopes after reading the book. Joshua was also a terrible movie, it was boring as all hell. Strange Wilderness is probably the crappiest film I've seen recently.
chronicles of riddick or whatever its called
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Any suggestions?
War of the Worlds. Not the Spielberg versions, theres another low budget one. Absolutely horrible, turned it off after 10 minutes.
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Farce of the penguins. Never before has lewis black failed me. I should have known it would suck when it said starring bob saget though.....
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The Lake House....

Oh dear God, that was a horrible film.
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The Messengers, they took every single scary movie plot from the past 40 yrs and put it into one ****ty ass movie

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+1 to 1408 and Eragon

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The Notebook? What the hell, I can't think of any bad movies besides that. I don't remember bad movies, i just remember the good ones.
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House of a thousand corpses, or Lost World: Jurassic Park
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The Bucket List

OMG!! Jack Nicholson plays a man-*****/asshole and Morgan Freeman narrates!!!!

sup new film ideas?
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The Wicker Man

yes, this movie is probably one of the most anti-climatic movies ever!!!

besides that one, batman and robin and spiderman 3 top my list.
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1408...i thought it was utter crap
its probably not the worst i've seen but its one of the most recent **** films
or maybe crossroads...not even steve vai could save that

what do you mean crossroads? If you can get by the fact its basically the same movie as the karate kid (substituting a black guy for the Asian one and delta blues for karate) it was a pretty good movie.
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Epic movie


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