I just made this this weekend and I thought it sounded really cool. It's just the intro and the verse riff, so it's less than 1 minute. So do you guys think it's a good start?
Metal III.zip
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kinda sounds like it could be a song played during a boss battle in a game such as castlevania. tis pretty good though.
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Cool, thanks.

It reminded me alot of the first boss from Sonic Spinball, if anybody remembers that.
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Intro reminds me of Nile alot haha. Then it goes all Power Metal. Which is awesome Good job. I look forward to hearing the rest.
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nice groove. i like it

groove?! what groove?

also this isnt like Nile at all.

nice intro btw but everything after the drum solo is not my thing
I found the tremolo intro unneccesary as in it didn't contribute to the song. Just start it with the awesome drum solo, lol. The verse rhythm was awesome, as was the lead. It is definately boss fight music. The transitions were sick I wish I could write them that well. And bar 20 on lead capped it off. 9/10 let me know when you finish it.
I really liked the drums here. Nice use of toms, I think I can learn from what you've done on the srums. Although the drum solo didn't fit the song, it seemed to drop off the pace of the beat.

Another thing I didn't like was the first lead part (bars 15-18), I think you need to rewrite that. I enjoyed your rhythm parts, flowed well and held the song together.

My only two complaints are tiny, overall I like it.
As an intro, 7.9/10.
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