Ive looked everywhere for the tab of "Break the Silence" by Killswitch Engage, and I cant find one of the Chrous. Its a really cool riff just repeated over and over(you will know it when you hear it), and I would like to know how they do it. I do not have Guitar Pro, so I cannot see GP tabs. Thanks in advance.
Its basically a slight alteration of the intro riff, just listen, it shouldnt be too hard to figure out.
And no. I won't

Awesome song though!

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I know which riff you mean, I learnt it before, I'm certain it was off a tab.

Ahh no, I must have worked it out.

I can't remember it now, but it's just lots of pull offs and hammer ons, i think it started with 7h10 and was around that general area

sorry im not much help!

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I really suck at copying an artist by ear, is the riff in the guitar pro tab on this site? I might just have to learn it by experimentation.