hey there UG!
ive just finished the intro bit to the first song ive ever written all the bits to.
i was trying to make sumthing similar to fade to black, with clean bits and distorted bits.
not sure about the distorted bit im gonna change that probably
not sure what genre
made the whole song around the riff on the CHIPSCLN track, by findin the key its in and the scale to go with it, is that a good idea?
anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, comments, opinions, improvements, im open to anything you can throw at me.
oh, and if u have a major urge to write lyrics, feel free i suck at lyrics
thanks again
1st song.zip
Loved the intro solo.

Not bad, but it seems short. Is that the whole thing? or will those parts repeat for extra verses and a chorus?

I think it needs some work, but I liked it very much.
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yeh its only a bit of the song, i wanted advice and critisisms before i went further, to avoid wasting time
Lol that guy totally didnt read the 'ive just finished the intro' bit.. lol. anyways,

The intro solo was bloody sexy, sets a great mood for the song, came in nicely. The main chords used got a bit annoying after a while, but considering that it's the intro, you may be able to get away with that. Can't wait to hear more.