i'm getting a new guitar with my tax rebate and if theres anything left over im going to get a new pedal to go with it. i like all music from seger,acdc,and clapton to pantera and killswitch engage...

anyways ive got a digitech rp90 and it has some nice effects(distortion and chorus and amp moddeling)
but not a bluesy od tone or a solo sound which i want

so i was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a new pedal. i was thinking about a wah or a new od pedal but im not for sure....

to sum it up ive got what i need for my heavier tones but not really anything for lighter stuff like blues-rock or for solos... the rp90 wah sucks without making it sound way artificial

i could have anywhere from 50 to 150 ish left over from my guitar purchase and have a stedy job...but not the abiility to save mounds at a time
If you want a bluesy OD sound then you're better off getting a decent amp, those kind of sounds don't tend to come from pedals.
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