i was mainly looking at schecters and ibanezs but im open to anything.
im looking to play really heavy hardcore or death metal so ill de droping the tuning a lot and ill need a good distorted tone.
any suggestions would be appreciated
Someone told me about the Ibanez RG7321 as a cheap 7. Never tried it myself though.


^Oh and that Agile is freaking awesome looking (the green one). If I only had the money that would be my next guitar.
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yeah ive seen those agiles but i didnt know if they were good or not.
one kid said ibanez makes good 7 strings but i never really liked the ibanez pickups, at least the ones on my friends guitar.
Get the Agile or get a 7321 and throw Dimarzios in it.
7321 and you can change the pick ups later.
i tune mine to drop G most of the time so it'll work for you.
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Looks like a killer guitar. if they could only do it in blue....

Sure does. And I wouldn't mind it in a dark red myself.
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could you give me a link for the h&s guitar?
yeah i suppose ill get an ibanez or agile and later put some active pick ups on them.
i know you need a battery for the active pickups, so where would i put it if i upgraded to actives?