I'm used to .10s tuned either standard or down a half-step on a 24.75" guitar.

I've been wanting to down tune a 25.5" scale guitar down by a whole step, but I'm sure that my usual .10 strings would be far too slack then (even just down tuning half a step with .10s on a 24.75" gets a tad too slack for my liking).

So, would something like .11 or .12 strings be much better on the 25.5" guitar when tuned down a whole step? I'm aiming to get about the same string tension as the .10s in standard on a 24.75".
The shorter scale on the 24.75 is what gives them so much slack. I use tens on a Les Paul And Generally tune Either in Standard, Drop D, or C# standard. They're fine for me, but if its still to much slack for you you can go up to 11's and it will be perfect. Any higher and you'll needa setup though.
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