O.K. so i want to start playing electric guitar i already got a guitar picked out which i want to buy(Gibson Baldwin Sunburst Les Paul for 147.99$)and i was wondering if i should get a 10 watt amplifier to go with it or more?By the way the 10 watt costs 37.99$.It's also a Gibson Baldwin.
well u should never spend more on ur guitar thatn ur amp... so honeslty i would get a cheaper guitar and a better amp

also in general (not always) companies that make good guitars make bad amps and vice versa... once huge exception is maybe fender, but ive never found gibson amps especially to be any good so get like a peavey or something, theyre pretty decent

EDIT: but yeah 10-15 watts should b good for a beginner
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I got my first guitar recently and people are telling me to get pickups. I don't get it. What do they do? Do they help you when you drop your pick?