Ive got a few problems here..
ive seen the new 1959RR signature series on some NAMM08 videos and the thing looks sickk. as soon as i saw it i knew i must have it. but i heard the guy say it was "Very limited edition"..so that means it must be crazy expensive right?
So my 1st question-
-anyone know how much the Rhandy Roads sig. amp is?

Second question-
-I want a marshall with a head and cabinet. Anyone have any suggestions for a good one thats good for heavy metal and clean music?

(( i was also thinking about the kerry king sig. ..what do you think about that amp?))

i would really appreciate your opinion and advise.
thank you
I wouldn't advise going for either sig. They are pretty much JCM800s with a famous name and big price tag slapped on the front.
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just go for the plain old JCM800, all these sig amps are just an excuse to jack the prices up

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