I'm selling some stuff cause my car blew up, in an almost literal way. Sold my 6505 already, so I have no need for the ISP Decimator, which I've only owned for like, a month. Works awesome, like all Decimators, asking $100 for it.

Also selling my BC Rich Platinum Pro Virgin. It's black, of course. I put some Seymour Duncans in it and a Tremol-No and some chrome skull knobs. Really just taking offers on it, and not expecting too much. Don't be shy.

any questions or whatever: im_rumpelstilzchen@hotmail.com
can u get a pic of the bc rich virgin up and it does have a floyd rose on it right?...
yeah, i can get some pics of the BC up, it does have a floyd rose.

The ISP has been sold.