i have a choice:

Go see Megadeth (gigantour)
Go see Iced Earth and Testament.

See, I dont dig the Gigantour lineup, except that Megadeth is my favorite band and I've never seen them live. However, I figure since they're big, they'll obviously hit up Chicago eventually.

Chicago Powerfest is teh ****z, or so I hear.
And so, Testament AND Iced Earth are my second option, along with other bands like Darkane n stuff. Bout 8 other ones I believe.

so yes, i cant decided, cause i mean, c'mon, its TESTAMENT! nuff said.
and this is IE's first gig with Matt back, and they giged in chicago a lot cause its right next to indiana. So yes its going to be ****ing legendary/welcome-homeyyy.
Im in a puddle of ****z.
Cant see both cause i only got like 2 yen.
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