Yeah, I need help with buying a pedal,
im looking for a multi effect pedal that ranges from 40$ to 140$.

does anyone know of a pedal that meets the requirements?
What kind of effects are you looking for? Multi-effect pedals at that range are pretty ****ty IMO.
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IMO your not gonna get anything great for that range. you should save up the extra 60 and grab the digitech rp350. im in love with mine !
i have a friend he claims he got a digitech rp250 for 130$ uummm im looking for something like with wah wah, distortion, clean, echoed, acoustic the whole works.
i'd say get a Digitech RP of some sort.
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dude its panama... isnt panama like some sort of a very commercial traffic environment? some of those panama channel ships must carry some guitar gear of some sort xD .... i'd say go with the digitech RP250... its overall good but the distortion SUCKS
yeah panama is booming with commerce and ****, but thats in the free zone
and sadly, only buisness people are allowed in. but i heard the prices are 50$ Rp50, 100$ for RP150, 210$ for RP250
I heard the first two suck compared to the 250
the rp50 is waaaay more basic than the other two... it doesnt have much to offer... the rp150 and the 250 are pretty much the same, the only difference is that the 250 has an expression pedal and the 150 doesnt...
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hmmm is it worth buying the rp250 just for the expression ped?

yes! you can use the exp pedal for so many things... turning on and off effects, using effects like wah, whammy...
Just bought a Zoom G2.1U today and I'm already in love with it, It's the best pedal I've ever owned.

£81 Here in the UK, Probably around $150 US though
zoom eh? hmmm dammit brain anurysm ><
Digitech VS Zoom
who will win my money? >.>
whats the differense betwwen ZoomG2.1U and Digitech RP250?
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i'd say go with the digitech RP250... its overall good but the distortion SUCKS

thats y u combo it w/ an overdrive or distortion pedal, and it kicks ass.
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I would not bother with the Zoom.....

I had a G2 and thought it was the best thing ever as I could get teh br00talz distortion on my crappy little amp.

A week or so later I went off it as I realised that all the effects were awfully digital. I then sold that a few weeks later and got a 1/2 decent amp...
hmmmm digitech wins the fight.... ill go with that! but now all i need to do is save my money! again.... i bought abunch of xbox games so im broke.... agaim
zoom are prety nice IMO
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