Hey I'm thinking of buy a 1998 60's RI Stratocaster Body. It has all original hardware and pickups. I would buy a neck and plate separately, but I just have a few questions because I want to make sure I'm buying a good guitar. The person says it's vintage, but he's only selling it for $400. Would this be good even if it was made in Mexico, even if I put an American neck on it? Also, would this have 3 or 5 coils. I would want a Strat like John Frusciante's but I think it would be cool to make one yourself. Thanks
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Seems like it would be a standard strat body.
RI's are made in usa and are way more expensive.
I'm only talking about the body, but even if it was standard and I put an American Neck on it would it still sound good?
Yeah of course, I have a standard myself and it sounds pretty good.
It has more to do with the pick ups though.
Ok sweet thanks for the help! I think that I;m just obsessed with getting an American made strat but oh well. I think the 10 year age would make a difference wouldn't it?
Yeah it would.
I'm also a huge Frusciante fan and I wanted a guitar like his as well.
The standard strat is most like his 62, because of the 21 frets.
yea I noticed that when I was looking for 21 fret necks that mostly all of them are Mexican made, and barely any are rosewood. Oh well.
Would you recommend buying this body, and then a 2007 1960's Reissue Strat Neck with tuners (Mexican) which is 21 frets and rosewood, for about $800?
I think I'm gunna go with with 98 Body and 07 Neck for the same price because I live in Northern Ontario and the cold weather and shipping companies don't sound good with each other. This way the guitar wouldn't be able to bend or anything. Thanks for the sweet help!