ok so i decided to assemble a nice les paul guitar. i think i can get the parts at a good price (especially one one ebay where its a whole guitar that needs a neck replaced and all they want is 20 for shipping and 20 for the guitar).

anyways, when assembliing a guitar, what parts would you have to order brand new or can you get all ur parts off ebay? i would like to get them all off ebay and be cheap but if i have to buy something so itll work right i want to know. thanks
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That's about it although I would buy the pots and output jack new there cheap enough already and you can usually get new ones cheaper on ebay anyway.
a nut, you dont want a worn down one.
I don't know when the last time you've been on eBay to look.. but I don't see many $20 for the guitar body and $20 for shipping deals anymore. Not in a lot of years.. and especially nothing in the Les Paul department.

Epiphones with busted off headstocks still regularly bring $100+ stripped.. i just went down the 'build a cheap Les Paul' road, and it took me several weeks of picking and waiting and sniping to get all the parts for just under $500 including shipping.

What parts you need depends on what parts your "guitar that needs a neck replaced" is missing. Generally speaking, a Les Paul consists of the following parts.. from the top down..

1) Tuners
2) Truss Rod Cover
3) Nut
4) Top Strap Button
5) Neck Pickup - requires pickup ring and assorted screws
6) 3 Way Switch - 'Rythym/Treble' plate optional
7) Pickguard
8) Bridge Pickup - requires pickup ring and assorted screws
9) Bridge
10) Stop Tail Piece
11) 4 500K Long Shaft pots & 2 caps (season to taste)
12) 4 knobs of your choice
13) Bottom Strap Button

Then on the back.. from top to bottom..

14) Switch cavity plate
15) Pot cavity plate
Why do you differentiate between 'new' and 'from eBay'? Lots of eBay sellers deal in new hardware...

...and like admbwr said, a nut is really all you'd really want to be new. New wires might be nice too, instead of desoldered, reused ones.