I've often wanted to start building a very simple tube amp. What parts should I invest in? Anyone want to explain to me the general concept ?
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Check some of these sites out


Do your reading first, and it would probably be a wise idea to work on smaller audio electronics projects (micro amps, pedals, etc) before building a tube amp, even if it is a simple single ended one. It is not a project for someone with 0 electronics experience due to the cost, potential for screw ups/noisy circuitry, and the fact that parts of the circuit have dangerous (can be fatal) amounts of current running through them.
unless you know a lot about electronics I wouldn't attempt making one from scratch. I haven't made one myself I'm just saying a kit may be the way to go for the first one. most of the time when people are modding amps the swap out the OTs, so I'd say invest in a good OT and good tubes.
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Do a lot of homeowrk before you attempt to build a valve amp.

Study simple schematics (Epi VJ), ask around on amp forums (sewatt, 18 watt, metroamp's forum, etc.).
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