Ok fellow pit dwellers.

I am going to buy a drum set (nothing really good) but just so if I wanna have some friends over to jam, we can have it there, and just to play around with.

I need you guys to help me think of reasons I should tell me parents why I should get one.
In long run will save money on rehersal rooms

its good to be a multi-instrumentalist

you can have friends over and jam regularly, thus making any band tighter, thus supposedly more likely to succeed

for sh*ts and giggles
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it will help you annoy your neighbours. And making music has positive effects on your intelligence, thus leading to better grades in school.
Tell em youre not getting any and you need something to bang.

I tryed.
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Yes I can play the drums.

^^^thanks for the first helpful post =]

Oh good.

Well, tell them you're interested in having a set for your own, it will help you and the musicians around your area, it'll save money, etc...
Who dat?
awww, a mod took off the title :-(

Anyway, the reason is that my parents don't want me to make drums my main instrument, and they think that if I get a set, then I will forget about the cello and guitar (which is not true).
You'll pay them back over time

If you're in band, you'll be able spend time at home under the watch of mom and pops, insetad of loose on the street doing God knows what

You can record music as a one man band and give em to relatives as presents.
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dude u play the cello?
thats fukin awsome! i wish i could do that
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ok, if they think your gonna forget how to play the other instruments then so what if you do. theyre gonna force you to play them? if you want to play drums, play drums. thats retarded of them, but not the worst thing. my mom once said she didnt want me to get guitar hero cuz i would forget real guitar. ahahaha.