Ok, I have been playing guitar for about a month now, and can play bits and parts of a lot of songs, but not put any of them completly together yet (A great example of this is Sunshine of your Love, can nail up to the solo, then forget about it). I was just wondering what song you would recommend, that I would be able to play all the way thru with some practice (NO SMOKE ON THE WATER). Thanks for helping out a newb!
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Highway to Hell - AC/DC (rhythm)
Animals - Nickelback
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback
All The Small Things - Blink 182
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nivana
Gasoline - Seether

Hopes that helps bud those are sum of the songs i play alot!!
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell.
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try some green day.
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Dammit - Blink 182 is a simple, easy to play song that could help you get laid.

how do you imagine that being able to help
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Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

This song is awesome, and everyone knows it.
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my first song was nirvana - jesus doesnt want me for a sunbeam (unplugged)

check out that whole unplugged album
and learn it as most guitarist do

i didnt believe it would help
till i took the advice
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If you want something interesting that poses a bit of a challenge but isn't too hard, then try some Guns N' Roses. It seems hard, but if you set yourself some hard practice time, you'll get it down in no time. Granted not all the Guns songs are easy (nailing the Sweet Child solo would take a lot of practice) but some songs like Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Patience, etc. (Slash plays a pretty simple rhythm) should be a nice project
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learn progressions and scales and make your own music. that is always the easiest

but if you have to play someone elses creations i would recomend most acdc riffs b/c they are generaly pretty simple
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how do you imagine that being able to help

people will have sex with you to get you to stop playing? or maybe things work differently in Australia and when someone hears someone else practising blink 182 songs in their room, the go into some kind of lust induced frenzy and hump all round them.