Yeah, to Macbeth. For a project in English, I have to come up with music that conveys the theme, atmosphere and/or motifs that are in the play "Macbeth". It has to be about 6 minutes long, and I have to write a paper explaing why I chose each song and how it relates to the play.

I'm fairly certain that at least some of you guys are familiar with the play, so go ahead and give me some fresh thoughts.

My list of songs to possibly use include:

Raining Blood-Slayer
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath
Do You Call My Name-Ra
Heaven and Hell-Sabbath
We are the Champions-Queen
Raining blood would be really good because there is a motif of blood throughout the play.
good choices I think, although I don't know the Ra song.

Personally I wouldn't have gone for those, but they certainly fit the story I think.
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Kill The King - Megadeth (I dont know Macbeth very well, so dont flame me)

+1 Trust-Megadeth.
Bodies by Drowning Pool for the last scene.

Christ, everybody and their dog died in that part.
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Raining Blood is a must. Also Stabbin' Daggers by Sebastian Bach could be good, 'cause of the title and how Macbeth kills Duncan with a dagger. Also the floating dagger Macbeth sees before he kills Duncan.

EDIT: Actually I'd rethink your choices so far besides Raining Blood, I don't see how the others fit the play.
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Didn't know the Megadeth, that will be good. I also forgot to add...

Beheading of a King-Amon Amarth

Not sure if the witches actually control Macbeth, so I'm not sure about MoP. Would be cool though I suppose.
Choose very dark and apocalyptic songs, it's such a dark play, based entirely around murder and greed, with witches thrown in.

"Blood on Your Hands" by Arch Enemy would work - the title obviously works, but there are good Macbeth-like lines: "You were born your brother's keeper, why do I see blood on your hands? You became your brother's slayer...." That could easily show the betrayal of Macbeth to Banquo.

"Now I Lay Thee Down" by Machine Head sounds good, it's depresing and heavy - all about death.
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