Hey, my band just finished this song:


It's called Just Another Dream. Tell me what you think. If you have an odd feeling that you've heard it before, you may have heard the rough version I posted a few weeks ago.

If you want, leave a link and I'll crit yours.

I like the instrumentation. The vocals and lyrics, however, not so much.. the vocals sound don't have much charisma, for lack of a better term, to them and the lyrics don't feel heartfelt due to that. also, a minor recording issue: the vocals seem to peak out.. turn them down a little bit.

overall, it's a pretty good song.

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I think it's a cool pop song - and I kinda' like the lyrics. But I too think the vocals lack oomph.

I've come to the conclusion that nearly any creative person can be a "great" singer, from an artistic perspective. All a matter of figuring out how to belt it out with conviction.

My general advice to the vocalist(s) would be - more guts.

I'm always game for a little more guitar action too. It's a long enough song that a nice, clean, chimey solo would sound sweet, imho.

I know it ain't easy - I'm trying to learn to sing myself.

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The instruments were very cool. I liked the arpeggios at the beginning, and it was very cool when the bass came in. The guitar in the verse was cool too; it had a cool 60's surfer feel to it. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it was very popish. I liked it.

The vocals were okay, but I think they lack a little bit of enthusiasm. He seems to lack confidence, and that's really important in singing. I think it could be better, because he definitely has something going there, but maybe try another take or two.

More ooph, damnit!

Hehe, anyway cool song there. I love listening to 60's rock songs with my dad, and he would like this a lot too. Keep it up.

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Edit: Bah, I always give the wrong link. here's the link to the thread for the song.

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Quote by -=Led_Hed=-
DUUUUDE, if ur lead singer is not the one writing the music then fire that guy! get a real singer man but you guys rock!

Thanks for the comment. The lead singer actually does write the music, and he records all the instruments except for drums.

I appreciate the tips everyone. Constructive criticism on the vocals is really appreciated as that seems to be the weak point. I wouldn't mind getting a new singer but in the meanwhile we're focusing on improving the one we have. In just one year his singing has gotten so much better, so we only anticipate more improvement. The tips are very helpful.

Again, thanks all.
hey man, thanks for the crit on my music.. and from chapel hill, nice.. raleigh here..

Listening now.. I don't know how old you guys are, but it sounds like your vocalist hasn't grown into his voice yet.. I'd say if you guys are pretty young, he may develop more of an "adult" voice if that makes sense. The guitar work is pretty good, not a bad song at all. The effects or tone of the guitar is the only thing that really makes it stand out from other music though, but that doesn't mean all your songs will be that way. Overall, pretty good man, keep it up.

i like this track its quite....bouncy for lack of a better word, the vocals definately need a bit more oomph, especially the backing vocalist who sounds like he is trying to hide nehind the main vocal line, belt it out just the same as you would for a lead line also there is something about the way you guys play your guitar lines, like you are trying too hard to get it exactly right, just seems like there are a lack of dynamics in your picking, however i do like the chords and the effects you have got going on. the vocals are distorting like most people have said but so is the snare drum and the guitar. either you recorded all of those instruments too loud or its the main output thats clipping, sort that out and it will sound far better keep it up though i really like your sound!
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i disagree about the vocals. I like them, i think while not being perfect, they're different and definitely interesting. i think they have a lot of potential. he can sing on key and i like the pronunciation....he just needs to get a bit more into it. I really like the back up vocals during the 'another day just another dream' part. That sounds really good. Its not the best quality, but its decent. all the instruments sounded great so no complaints there. i think its a really catchy song and i enjoyed listening to it. thanks for the crit.
Really catchy stuff here... The vocals are pretty good but the chorus and verse melodies don't sound too original. The drummer didn't sound too steady either. Anyway, it's a good effort and you have a lot of potential, but you need to keep practicing. Keep it up!

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I love the music as well, the vocals could be good... maybe he should take some vocal training? The potential is there, it just needs work and confidence.

The music has a great feel to it. I could hear some Post-punk like Joy Division in there, and something like The Rentals to the melody feel of it.

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