Its 7:28PM here in St. Louis, Missouri as I unfold after an amazingly coincidental day, while listening to some Paul McCartney on the radio. It started when I had a day off school today ( I am still not sure why ) so I decided to stop by my dads work. He works at a radio station and his "work" is basically a place where he walks around talking to people and sitting at a desk maybe an hour or two a day. There is always someone doing recording there because there is a studio in his building. My dad said that there was an "occupational therapist" in his office today for people who want to be in the radio business so they can get a taste of radio and what they can do in the business. One of the guys didn't show up so my dad said I should go to the guy's office to see what kind of stuff are in the music business (what I want to get into).

He asked me if I played any instruments. I said that I played guitar and would want a job that has something to do with that. Immediately, he tells me that his son-in-law is a "guitar rep" who works for Fender guitars in Nashville. I said that this job would be perfect! His son apparently loves his job, and just goes around selling guitars to people backstage around the world. This job sounds like something I would be able to do well!

He set me up with a meeting with his son-in-law in Nashville in two weeks. I am going to fly up or drive up there that weekend.

Now, my brother comes home a few hours ago. I told him what happened and he says that he knows a guitar salesmen for Fender in California through one his friends! He also sells guitars to stars.

This job not only sounds AWESOME, but, I already have two connections and I love the guitar. Does anyone know where I can get more information on this job? (other than the meeting in a few weeks) Does anyone else have experience?

....Sorry for the wall of text
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Now it's 7:43 here in St. Louis Missouri.
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cant help you dude...

but nice one!! hope it goes well
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That sounds awesome man, hope it works out for you
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An Occupational thearepist? In a radio shinny? That's a tad strange...

Other than that, He's a represenative, so he would probably travel to stores in an area and promote his type of brand.
It's more than just selling guitars. What you must remember is that before the guitar part, your job is a salesman. You need to have great people and managerial skills. And traveling can get old. But it could be fun if you're into that.

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