is there any hardcore bassist out there well if there is what is your favorite thing to play
The only hardcore i have ever played is HORSE the band
So, goin’ down the Amazon in a light green ’57 Chevy, uh. Well, you think that’s, um, kind of heavy?
"True" hardcore, or today's sorry excuse for hardcore?

I like me some Bad Brains and Cro-Mags, thank you very much.
I stopped learning other people's songs a while ago, but I still have a few that I run through routinely when I mess around.

Some of my favorites are:
August Burns Red - Your Little Suburbia
Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead
The Chariot - Before there was Atlanta, There was Douglasville
Some I Killed the Prom Queen

A bit of older Poison the Well, too.
All those genres debatable, but oh well. You're probably going to be flamed for this thread, and me for my post, as modern hardcore/metalcore/noisy metalcore is frowned upon for some reason, but it's some of my favorite stuff to play.
The Fall of Troy
The Bled

That's about all the hardcore I listen to. The Fall of Troy has some challenging and fun songs.
My own stuff.

Millie, my Peavey Grind Fiver
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Sansamp Bass Driver DI
Modded Ernie Ball VP Jr.
Monster Bass Cable, 21'

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My own stuff.


Your vocalist has pretty good lower growls, but his screams are fairly weak sounding... like Rody from Protest the Hero weak. I know it's hard to switch up b/w the two though

Solid music.