I have a 535Q. The first time I turn it on it makes a somewhat loud popping sound through my speakers. After the first time it is good, no more popping. I use the dc adapter for it. It will do it on clean or distorted, and will do it in front of the amp or in the FX loop. Is this normal for this wah and/or others?

I just bought it Friday, so there should be no problem returning it.

Another question.

I found this Wah to not deal with gain well. For example with my gain up all the way in lead 1 when I Wah around the 15th fret or higher on my B or high E string it will not make a wah sound, more of a volume boost or something. That is when it is hooked up in the front of my amp. Is there another Wah that you think would be better? I have tried it in the FX loop and it Wah's to much no matter how I set it up.

Any ideas?
the 535q has many settings, Perhaps your variable q knob is set too low or your silver knob switch is set to a bassier setting. For popping, its too late to check, but I dont remember hearing that. I could be mistaken though.
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do you use a power adapter or batteries? Anyway thanks. And for the settings, I have the Q all the way up which helps and the silver knob counter clockwise for a more treble'y sound. I have tried it everywhere though. I cant make it back there till thurs. I am going to try whatever they have out. Just wanted some opinions.