I am to the guitar, I guess I haven't even started playing yet. I'm looking to spend around 200-300 for a guitar, yet I don't even know where to start. I have been looking over the "what guitar under 300 thread" but I need a little more help than that, I haven't even started playing. I plan on taking lessons at a local guitar store for some time (recommended?) and then also learning as I go long by myself. I guess I just need a recommended path to take. Any and all help would be great

Alvarez AW40?
Yamaha FG730S?
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both of those should be good choices. to be honest, that guitar under 300 thread has everything you need to know. there arent too many other choices other than that. maybe the random few, but not many. all of the ones there are just plain good quality guitars. If i were to make a suggestion, however, i would say get the Seagull S6. Canadian made. good quality. great sound. good playability.
Thanks for your suggestions captivate. I will keep it in mind. Anyone have any info on learning? Jump into it and just start learning? lessons? buying a book?
It really depends what you want to do. I play guitar for church and stuff like that, so im mainly just a rhythm guitarist/strummer. I like playing fingerstyle guitar as well, so i just do that on the side for my personal enjoyment. Chords should be learnable by yourself, but if you do so, make sure that you learn all the proper hand positions. You can waste a lot of arm strength and stamina if your arms and hands aren't positioned right. Ideally, the best thing to do is to take lessons.
For me I found the only way to keep me motivated and actually advance was to learn the Tabs to my favorite songs and keep playing it until I have it down pat. You can start out not knowing a damn thing and learn the more advanced songs just by trial and error. I've been playing for about 7 months to date and have achieved quite a bit of success learning the guitar by myself. Even a guy at the guitar shop was suprised when I told him that I've been only playing for 7 months. Everything you need is on the Internet just search it up. Although technically I am a huge noob but atleast I've developed some good calluses and can play a song at the right note in the right rhythm if given the tab.

But as of now I am at a point in my learning that I can't progress any further without learning music itself, so I am thinking of taking classes and lessons from an experienced guitarist.

The first time might be a bit hard on your fingers but don't discouraged it'll become stronger as time goes by. It hurts like hell espescially on a beginner's guitar, (I had my brother's cheap 100$ carlo robelli acoustic, and boy was that thing had to fret). I won't recommend it but Electric guitars have less pressure on their strings so it's easier to fret and move around the neck.

Search up some common Chords (A, Am, G, C, D, Dm, E, Em) and keep strumming until you find the right position and can play it comfortably then start strumming a chord downward four times each and then switching to a different chord strumming downward four times again then switch to a different chord, rinse repeat until you can comfortably switch chords without pausing and losing the rhythm. They have alot of good lessons here in ultimate-guitar.com and also on youtube.com. After learning all those common chords you can pretty much play almost all the songs out there, barre chords are another story btw.

I recommend you learn the basics first before taking lessons, only take lessons if you want to further your skills as a guitarist. It's pretty useless to pay for lessons if he's only teaching you Mary had a little lamb.

Other than that good luck and have fun! It's something that will last you a lifetime.
It would be good to find a teacher because he can explain and show some things to you that you cannot see on the internet. after you've learned the basics, u can find your way on the internet for more skills!
All i did when i was starting was buy a book, and study... then after a while if you want to learn specific things like scales.. and open tunings and things, look them up on the net, its easy if you know what exact things your looking for.
You'd spend maybe 15-20£ on a book that will do you for the rest of your days, whereas lessons would cost you about maybe 20£ a week... you'll save a LOT of money.

also id recomend Tanglewood Sundance acoustic/semi (around £300-400) with elixir strings (the nicest tone and sound you could hear for a looong time!)
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books are a good place to start. no question about that. but when you find yourself not being able to advance any further own your own, lessons will be the next step to go if you really want to learn.
I really appreciate the fast and detailed responses! I have been talking to some friends and I think I will look into buying a guitar and a book soon and just practicing a lot on learning the basic chords. After that I will move onto some lessons if needed. Thanks for your help again.