dedicated to a scam.. a parody of the commercial with the pirate guys working at the restaraunt

They say they'll watch your money so you don't look like a punk
Then help themselves to twelve bucks of yours every ****in' month
Did I misunderstand the concept of F-R-E-E?
Now I'm talkin' to the phone-rep, she says "too bad" well **** me

Should not have gone to FreeRipoffReport.com
I haven't had a deal this bad since I paid to **** your mom
I'd rather be the victim of an identity thief
Thanks a lot to the founder of this service you're a ****in' quief

..damn fine print
so i clicked this cause the free*whatever*report.com sounded familiar and then i looked up from my laptop and the commercial was on the show my sister was watching. but not the pirate restaurant one. the one where their driving in the car and the guitarist is in the backseat.
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Get a boner and slap your school doctor in the face with your penis.

It'll be funny.

Haiku by of friend of mine:
Fat guy play the bass
Get your jam on, get your jam
And peanut butter

Live Fast, Die Fun
i love those commericals! the songs are so catchy.
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"He who sticks his dick in peanut butter is fucking nuts"
i love em too. great song.
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